Property Contract Acquisition with Structured Sale
The future of asset-based trading

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About us

We are a trader of high-value assets, mainly property and land in London and the Home Counties, valued between £1,000,000 and £10,000,000.

We acquire off-market property and land deals first by negotiating a sale price with the owner, then finalising and securing by way of solicitor's contract prior to passing onto a fund manager, buyer's mandate or agent, to exit.

Deals we bring to the table 'pre-packaged' this way are more in demand amongst sales agents because of the reliability and the higher profits made upon exit. These "PCASS" deals also have the added advantage of being 100% deliverable, therefore eliminating the most common problem experienced by agents and investors.

“Structured Property and Land Transaction” (SPLT)

Ideal if you know someone who is about to purchase a home, land, property or development project

Our Structured Property and Land Transaction service can benefit anybody who is aware of a prospective buyer considering a residential/ commercial property or land purchase.

If you are aware of a property or land sale which is about to take place, we can quickly step in and help you structure it in a way that provides maximum financial benefit to both yourself and the other parties concerned – and we can include you in the deal if you are not already.

Or if you already have a deal in mind, but require the services of an experienced professional to initiate the legal work and oversee the transaction to ensure it runs smoothly through to completion - again we can help.